At Pacific Land Water & Home,  we specialize in environmentally friendly
and low-impact methods of vegetation control..

By using the Bull Hog mastication heads mounted on both rubber-tracked crawlers and full-sized excavators, we are fully equipped to handle a wide array of projects.
We can handle hazardous fuel reduction and defensible space projects, exotic and non-native species control and rangeland and habitat restoration.
There are many benefits of mastication over conventional methods of vegetation management.  Benefits include the elimination of material to be hauled away or stacked and burned; valuable mulch material is created; and stumps are reduced to ground level. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other benefits with you and explain how both you and your property can benefit from mastication versus older, more conventional methods. 

Visit our sister comapany

Visit our sister comapany

At Pacific Fire Management we specialize in Environmentally Friendly & Low Impact Methods to Mitigate the Harmful Impacts of Fire.

By creating Defensible Space combined with Structural Hardening we can Reduce Risk and increase Safety for those living with the threat of Wild Fire.Fire safety is of the utmost importance.  We're knowledgeable and trained when it comes to fire safety and we can provide on-site fire protection when conditions dictate.

Serving You, Serving The Environment...

We know the importance of providing exemplary service at a reasonable rate.  With extensive experience in livestock grazing and many years in the construction field with heavy equipment, we are able to provide you with the best service in the area.
At Pacific Land Water & Home, one of our goals is to approach and handle your project in a way that most effectively accomplishes your final objectives.
We have been active participants in many fire agency workshops on defensible space as well as led presentations along with experts in invasive plants to help educate the public on the benefits of mastication.

Pacific Land takes a holistic approach, combining the disciplines of engineering, building, landscaping and forestry. Our ability to look at your project from multiple disciplines has allowed us to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the wildland/urban interface since 1980.

  • Providing wide variety of services, from landscaping to engineering

  • We are economically and ecologically sustainable

  • Licensed in engineering, general contracting, landscaping and licensed timber operations. Licenses include C-27-CA548533 — Engineering A; Building B; Landscape C27; Forestry LTO 1099

  • Residential, commercial and agency projects

  • Expertise in native plants

  • Sustainable management planning, implementation and maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly, low impact, sensitive to the environment

  • Accomplished in silviculture, the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values

  • Experts in fire hazard clearance and removal. We use mechanical mastication as a substitute for natural fire to reduce fuel-loading, to control exotics and maintain farm and rangelands

  • Wildland fuel management

  • Hydro seeding for erosion control, beautification and type change

  • Removal of invasive exotics

  • Professional storm water management

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Photograph by Kodiak Greenwood