With our specialized equipment and experienced operators, we can keep soil disturbance to a minimum.

In fact, the ground pressure exerted by our equipment is less than a human footprint, making it a perfect approach for projects that contain sensitive flora and fauna.
Our equipment has the advantage of being able to change our attachments, making it easy and cost-effective to handle a variety of tasks without the need to bring in multiple machines.  The rubber-tracked loader can be affixed with the following tools:

  • Stumped grinder capable of grinding 24 inches below grade
  • Log/brush grapple bucket
  • Flail grass mower
  • 4-in-1 loader bucket
  • Post hole auger with bits ranging from 12 to 36 inches

Pacific Land Water & Home is your best choice for vegetation control, all with an eye toward being economically and ecologically sustainable.  We take a holistic approach, combining the disciplines of engineering, building, landscaping and forestry to complete your project.